Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Oh Uni, how I loathe thee.

That awkward moment when your friends ask you how your assignment is going. What assignment?!

It's only the second week back at Uni and I'm already behind. Typical me.
I figured I should write down when all my assignments and such are due, and now the months of August, September and October on my calendar look horrid. Thanks Uni. Sometimes I think that the lecturers all get together and have a grand old time making sure all the assignments are due within days of each other. In addition to all my work, it's officially 21st season - I have so many birthdays to attend. I really hope I can make it to all of them!

So, it looks like the next few months are going to be pretty busy for me. I do get to train a chicken though! We also get to name it. Hopefully I'll be allowed to take photos at the animal lab so everyone can see our new feathered friend. 

In better news, I watched the Dark Knight Rises last night. Overall, I thought it was pretty excellent. I still liked the Dark Knight better though.

I hope everyone's week has been super so far!

Until next time...
Rach. xo


  1. 4th follower FY! Second week back for me too, I'm up in Auckand and it's kicking my but! Xo Eloise

    1. Good luck with your semester! Hope everything goes well for you :) Thanks for the follow, I'll return the favour.