Saturday, 15 September 2012

A Bundle of Nerves!

Something exciting is happening in 3 days time! Myself and two of my besties are taking a trip to Auckland to interview for an internship at Disneyworld in Florida! The understatement of the year would be to say I'm just a little bit nervous. It's such a massive opportunity, and will pretty much decide what direction my life will head in once I finish university. There's a lot riding on this.

But first, a little backstory.

I first started planning this with my friend Abbie, and we had found out from a girl we went to high school with who had already done the internship the previous year. After checking out the website, we were certain that this would be pretty much the best thing ever. 
We went to Auckland for the first recruitment evening earlier in the year, where Abbie interviewed. Me and my other two friends decided that we would regret missing our graduations from Uni, so we decided to wait and interview again in September for the August 2013 program. 

Abbie got accepted for her program and she leaves in January next year. Check out her blog here. I'm sooo excited for her! Which leads us to this moment right now.

One half of me totally believes this is a possibility, and I'll for sure get accepted. If Abbie can do it, I can do it right? The other half of me is an extreme pessimist and strongly believes I'll get my hopes up, try really hard, and be disappointed. Again. 
I'm terrified that come interview time, I'll do one of three things. 
1. Freeze up and look like an idiot.
2. Get a crazy case of "talk really fast and no one knows what your saying", and look like an idiot.
3. Accidentally swear and ruin everything. (I have a bit of a sailor's mouth)
Another worry of mine is that I'm naturally a really shy person. I don't really make new friends very often, as i'm constantly aware of what others think of me. So, I'm really worried that my personality won't be as outwardly bubbly and in-your-face-happy as Disney employees are. 

I think I've psyched myelf out pretty sufficiantly. Oh dear.

I'll have an update on Wednesday all about the meeting. 

-Love Rach. 

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