Tuesday, 4 September 2012

On Your Screen

This week, the theme is 'Shows you love to hate'.

My pick isn't a show I love to hate, its just a show I straight-up hate. I tried watching it back in the day. It disagreed with me.

Gilmore Girls.

Ugh! You know how there's always that one show that you find incredibly annoying, but you can't really explain why. This is that show for me. Here are a few things about it that I despise.

1. The theme song. So annoying! Made even more annoying by my flatmates last year, who decided to watch all 7 seasons, and leave the menu on pause for an eternity - resulting in me having to hear that horrendous song over and over again. This is the song that will be playing in hell.

2. It is the cheesiest show I've ever encountered.

3. Everything else about it.

Ooh, one last thing that is related to this show that really grinds my gears? When my friends who love it try to tell me that I secretly do love the show, and am just pretending to hate it.
It's terrible and I actually do hate it, so stop trying to tell me otherwise. Cheers.

xoxo - Rach


  1. Best. Show. Ever. Geez Rach ;)

  2. Nooooooo disapprove!! We agree on most things... Not this!

  3. Sorry, can't agree! I loved this show, especially at the beginning. At the end it was a bit too glossy for my taste, but still one of the funniest, wordiest, and best series ever =)

  4. how funny!!! i LOVE this show :)

    i hate "king of queens", "everybody loves raymond" lol