Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Hottest Guy Ever!

I'm house-sitting for the olds this week - they're in Australia for 10 days. They didn't even offer to take me. How rude.
Being home alone is boring me out of my mind! To make it worse, I had to drive back to Hamilton for one night to do my last lab experiment with my chicken. Turns out that everyone at my flat has gone home too, so my boredom continues.

What to do when I'm home all on my lonesome? Stare at hot dudes. Yes! Good plan Rachel!

So, did I just watch 3 Chris Evans movies in a row. Of course.

Chris Evans - setting the bar high for men since 1981. Captain America never gets old, even after having seen it 7 times. I mean, who doesn't want to see this over and over again.....

Also watched What's Your Number, as well as The Nanny Diaries. I feel like watching another. I don't own The Avengers on DVD yet (not everyone owns a blu-ray player! why did you put all the special features on the blu-ray!), so maybe I'll watch Sunshine, even though it does creep me out slightly.

Hopefully you all aren't as bored as me. If you are, just watch a Chris Evans movie. It'll cheer you up.

xoxo - Rach

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  1. Captain America is my favourite Marvel movie so far, and I'm not willing to admit how much of that is because of Chris Evans...