Friday, 26 October 2012

Coffee Talk

Today I am doing another link up for the first time: Coffee Talk with Natalie

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair

1. What is in your playlist?
Soooo many songs. But I have specific playlists that I listen to when doing certain things. For example:

Study - all my slow songs that aren't too distracting. Artists like Sia, The Civil Wars, Jack's Mannequin.

Exercise - All my upbeat, clubby songs. Jason Derulo frequents this playlist quite often haha

I also have a 'Sad' playlist for when I'm in sad moods. Sometimes you just need to cry it out. 

2. What is the funniest YouTube video you always go to when you need a laugh (or if you just wanna watch it)?There are a lot of youtube videos that I find high-larious, but this one featuring Chris Evans (my fav) in drag is pretty brilliant. I don't think it's fair that he looks better as a girl than I do! 

3. Favorite song in the whole wide world that you never get sick of and it's on repeat.
I normally go through phases of listening to certain songs over and over, then I'll get sick of them and move on to some new songs. I've recently gotten into The Civil Wars though, and their song 'Poison & Wine' is so beautiful! Really sad, but  their voices are amazing together and the harmonies are insanely good! 

4. Do you have any embarrassing songs/singers/bands that you like?
One Direction haha. Actually, I'm not as embarrased about this as I am about liking 2 Justin Bieber songs. It's only 2, promise!

5. What's that ONE song that ALWAYS makes you cry?
Bright Eyes by Art Garfunkel. It's also featured on one of the most terrifying movies of my childhood - Watership Down. Actual! That movie is horrific.

6. What song have you recently heard, that you can't seem to get out of your head?
I watched the most recent episode of Supernatural last night, and the song that was featured in the episode was really cool! I cannot for the life of me find out what it was though! If anyone knows, do tell. It will be very appreciated. 

I have found the song! Its called 'What's the matter?' by Milo Greene. 


  1. I really should make some themed playlists like you. I usually just select an artist and just listen to them for the whole time cos I'm too lazy to sit there and push next for every second song in my main itunes list. That will be one of the many things that will have to wait for after assignments.

  2. YES. the civil wars are everything.

  3. LOL! One Direction is my daughters FAVE!!!! And I like the Civil Wars too! Such lovely music!!

    Thanks for linking up with me :)