Thursday, 4 October 2012

New Reads! Yuss!

My Dad reckons that because of all the technology these days, books will eventually go out of fashion. I call bull on that one!
When I have children, I will make them read actual books. None of this e-reader shiz.

Speaking of books, I have a new addition to my paperback family.

After spending forever trying to find it in the library and in bookstores, I found it online from this great website: Fishpond
Its pretty much got every book you've ever heard of and more. Also, Rachel "I love free shipping" McDonald was very happy that the site does in fact have free shipping! Bonus!

I now finally own The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I've wanted to read this for so long! Especially as the movie is coming out soon (hopefully it will make it to the cinemas in NZ) and I like to read books before I see the movie versions. From what I've read online though, the movie is pretty good and follows the book really well. Good to hear. :)

The next book I plan to buy from fishpond is 'The Book Thief'. My friend raves about it all the time and says its the best book she's ever read. And she reads a lot.

What are your favourite books? I'm always looking to read new and exciting things and I'd love to hear some suggestions.

-xoxo Rach


  1. i am a paper-book fan,no electronic devices for me!

    i love anything by: lisa scottoline,linda castillo, karen white, kristan hannah, kirstan higgins, nora roberts, sarah pekkannen, dee hendedrson,heather gudenkauf, sophie kinsella, lisa unger...


  2. oh wow that's quite a few! i'll remember these names when i pick my next book :)