Friday, 2 November 2012

Coffee Talk!

...But first, a bit of an update.
I've finally received my new passport and sent it off to the Disney people. Sidenote, my new photo doesn't look like a criminal's bail photo! Yusss!

Anyway, onto Coffee Talk for this week. Today's questions are coming from Shannon over at Mehspace!

Natalie reckons we all should do vlogs this week.....i'm being shy and opting out - I think I sound a little bit manly on tape. It's also 11.57p.m in NZ at the moment and I'm in my pyjamas.

1. If you could punch ANY celebrity in the face, who would it be and why?
Oh, so easy! Hands down it's gotta be Lindsay Lohan. She's so annoying.
Oooh, just thought of another! Kristen Stewart!  "I love when actresses show no emotion throughout the whole movie" said no one ever.

2. If you could go streaking anywhere and get away with it, where would you do it?
I don't really fancy streaking anywhere, but I'll answer just to humour all of you. Here in NZ, if you streak at any sporting events, about 5 massive dudes appear from nowhere and chase you down, and it's hilarious to watch on t.v. So getting away with that would be a great accomplishment for the avid NZ streaker haha.

3. What's more important to a relationship: Common values or commonalities? 
Definitely common values. But then again, you don't want to date someone you have nothing in common with. Isn't having common values a commonality though?? Ooooh gotcha on that one!

4. Would you rather be insane in a functional society, or be one of the people running a dysfunctional society?
Definitely running a dysfunctional society. I feel like this would have better outcomes in the long term. I'm thinking Hunger Games here....but not book 3.....that's when it becomes bad to be in charge.

5. What's your favourite type of pickle? Dill, Bread 'n' Butter, Spicy...?
None? Is a pickle just a bigger form of a gherkin? All I know about pickles is that Snooki loves them...

That's it for this week's coffee talk. I look forward to next time. Maybe I'll do a vlog then!


  1. Oh god I hate KStew! With a passion!!!!!!

    Loving all your answers! I think I am gonna go back and take my vlog out... I am not feelin it.. LOL

    1. Yes! She is actually the most un-talented person. No idea why she's so in demand for movies.

  2. i wish i had a jar of pickles in front of me right now.

  3. Lindsey Lohan - good choice!

  4. Yeah Lindsay Lohan. She's a disappointment to the name Lindsay!

  5. Kristen Stewart is such an annoying biaaatch! The only time she showed emotion was when she punched taylor lautner in the face and went cross eyed

    1. best part of twilight! omg now i'm thinking about it! It's just too funny!