Friday, 18 January 2013

$1000 down, but way excited!

Hi Everyone!

There's been a pretty major development on the Disney front: The flights have officially been booked! Wahooo! I am now $1,173 poorer, but I'm so excited because it now means I am fo' reals going to Orlando in August. 

I leave on the 3rd of August (a Saturday) at 9.30pm!

Alright, time for another Disney Day! I've missed a few days of this so I'm going to combine two days.

#2 Your favourite princess:

My favourite princess is definitely Belle! 

What I like about her is that she is actually just a normal girl, who isn't entitled or anything, and treats everyone really nicely. And she sees the best in everyone too. Even beast, who is a total dick to her.
Plus, I have always wanted that yellow ball gown. 

#3 Your favourite Prince

I would have to go with Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog. 

He's a bit of a dick but he's hilarious (even if he is a frog for most of the movie). And he turns out to be a real nice guy in the end. And he and Tiana live happily ever after. Awwww!

So that's it for today folks! Hope you all have fabulous weekends!

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