Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I can save your life......Or at least try to!

Hello everyone. Long time no blog. Like looooooong time. 
I have no definitive explanation as to why I've been so slack on the blog front. I think it's actually just been pure laziness. And lack of good life stories. 

But.....I now have an exciting story! Woohoo.

Last week, I attended an Emergency First Aid training course as part of my work training. It was a whole day of putting random people I've never met into the recovery position, doing CPR on an adult dummy, a child dummy, and a little baby dummy; and practising bandaging up difficult injuries. For the bandaging part, we have to split into groups and decide on an injury that would be hard to deal with. My group went with the ear, and some poor guy named Damian had to sit looking like a dork with a massive bandage around his head.
 So, a few days ago, I received my certificate in the mail, which officially makes me a trained First Responder! I'm also now a nominated first aider for my work, which makes me a little nervous, but I doubt that anything will ever happen.

...Touch wood.

Official proof of my lifesaving skills:

So, there you have it. I can at least attempt to save your life If you are ever dying. 
I'm quite proud of myself actually, for finally learning a new skill that is actually an incredibly valuable thing to know. 

Do any of you lovely readers know first aid? Have you ever had to save someone's life? I'm quite terrified of the day that I might have to...

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