Friday, 19 April 2013

ConGRADulations to Me!

Hello everyone!

I'm a very happy chappy today, as I officially graduated University yesterday! It was a long day, but so worth it. It was great seeing everyone again and seeing how much people have achieved in three short years. 
It was also pretty awesome wearing the robes and trencher for the day - although we weren't allowed to throw the trencher in the air, which was a little bit of a killjoy!

Here are some pictures of the day: 

Here's me looking all snazzy in the robes, official degree in my hand!

I wanted a cheesy 'hats in the air' photo, so Dad took this one of Sinead and I.

I'm very proud of myself for completing my degree - which I've forgot to mention is a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology - even though I still have no idea what I want to do in the future. Hopefully I will have some sort of revelation while I'm overseas!

That's it for today! Next up, my 21st!

Monday, 15 April 2013

A bit of Irish Charm!

On Friday I got the opportunity to see one of my absolute FAVE bands perform live! I was so super excited that they had come back to New Zealand, as the last time they came in 2008, it was an R18 show and I wasn't old enough.

So behold, photos from the amazing concert that was The Script!

I have some videos of my favourite songs, but for some reason they are not uploading properly. They all had rather shaky filming anyway, as my friends and I were constantly getting shoved around by people trying their hardest to get in front of us. (They didn't succeed. Try again next time losers).

Hopefully I'll be able to upload the videos sometime soon. In the meantime, here are a few more photos. The photos are mainly of Danny. Forgive me, he's just too beautiful. Plus, I love me some Irish accent!