Monday, 29 July 2013

A Night of Goodbyes!

You must all be thinking "what is happening right now? Rachel's actually posting something!?"
I know, I know! It's been forever. For that I apologize, but I thought I'd better get my butt into gear and start posting again before I leave for America (which is in FIVE DAYS by the way)! 

Saturday night was an emotional one for sure. Sinead and I had our leaving party at my house with most of our friends from school. It was our last big get together (read: excuse to drink lots and eat too much junk food) with everyone before we go, and it was awesome. It was also themed "no cups" so everyone had to drink out of odd things like jars, vases and teapots. There was even a baby bottle and a child's gumboot!

My friend Sam came down from Auckland specially for the party and she helped me all day with the arduous task of baking and decorating 36 cupcakes, as well as attempting homemade pretzels. The pretzels were incredibly difficult to make, and didn't look too pretzel-y when we were done, but apparently tasted pretty good! 

Notice we went for an America theme for the cupcakes.


I had such an amazing time celebrating with everyone. I did get a little bit emotional when the time came to say goodbye to everyone though. I think it finally set in that I wouldn't see these beautiful faces for a whole year...

Gotta love the Polaroid camera! Thanks Alanna for this awesome photo.

I'll miss everyone here so much! Except Sinead on the end - she's coming with me!

The lovely Sam, who helped me all day

With Amber and Ashleigh

Most of all I'm gonna miss this lovely lady! My bestest friend Lorry
...and the beautiful Alanna in the centre here. 

There were a ton more photos, but too many to put them all here! 
I can't believe that this time next week I'll be starting a job at Disney World! 
Until next time...

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