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Hi There!

By now you would have noticed, and potentially wondered about, the strong Disney influence involved in my blog!

There is a reason for that folks!

Very shortly (in 6 months time to be exact), I will be jetting off to Florida in the United States to start a year-long work program in none other than WALT DISNEY WORLD!!

Wondering how this all came about? Let me enlighten you....

It all started May of 2012. My friend Abbie and I were having a whinge about New Zealand not being exciting enough and that we were sick of being at University. We then got on to talking about a girl we know, and "remember when she went to work at Disney that one time...."

This got us thinking. Why don't we apply?!? So....we did.

Fast forward a bit. Roadtrip to Auckland - attend Disney presentation - Abbie interviews, but not me or my friend Sinead (we didn't want to miss uni graduation or our 21st birthdays) - Abbie gets accepted. Huge deal!

Fast forward some more to September. I attend the presentation again, and this time, I do interview! So nerve-wracking. I though I did terribly. But.....lo and behold....two weeks later, this arrives in my inbox:

I was over the moon! A whole year away in a place I've always dreamed of going!

Which brings us to now. I am anxiously awaiting my trip to Orlando, FL to start my adventure! This blog will be my main way of communicating what is happening while I'm in the states to all the people back home.

I'll leave you now with one of my favourite Disney quotes. It's one that speaks to me quite a lot actually...

"The very things that held you down are going to carry you up, up and up!" - Timothy Q. Mouse (Dumbo)

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