Monday, 13 August 2012

New Addictions. Oh Dear!

I've been a bit slack as of late - things got crazy this weekend. Actually crazy. My flatmate had her 21st at our house. Let's just say her friends were 'interesting'. Interpret how you wish. They managed to break all of our beer pong cups (a tragedy), and just generally create a whole heap of unnecessary mess. Thanks randoms! Please don't return. Ever.

A special thanks this week (not really) to another one of my flatmates, who has gotten me addicted to online pool. I played it once, promptly lost to someone who's probably 10 years old, and then had to play again. And again. And again.
As per usual, this addiction has kicked in just as I have fifty million things to do for uni. Is there a rehab for online game addiction? Maybe some kind of web therapy? Like that show....except it won't be Phoebe from friends giving me advice. That would be awesome. However, that would probably result in a cure for the pool addiction, but then an overbearing need to watch all ten seasons of Friends. It's a lose/lose situation really.

Good news/things to look forward to this week:
1. FINALLY decided on my topic for the stupid social psychology essay. I have 11 days left to write it. I can do this!
2. Another 21st. Yay
3. A catch up with all my besties from high school. It should be a good night of old stories & laughs, plenty of junk food, and minimal sleep.
4. Mid semester break in 2 weeks. It can't come soon enough.

Have a good week everyone!

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  1. Hahah you gave me a good laugh, def a new follower :)