Sunday, 27 January 2013

Disney Auckland Meet Up


Hope you are having an excellent weekend so far. I definitely am!

Yesterday (Saturday 26th) I road-tripped to Auckland with Sinead to meet up with some of the other people from New Zealand who are going to Disney in August. I was a little but nervous, as spending a whole day with randoms I've never met isn't really my jam.

But... it ended up being really awesome!

We were expecting a group of about 10 people, but there ended up only being 5 of us. Looking back, this was actually a good thing, as we got to have a proper conversation with everyone individually throughout the day. 

We wen't for lunch at Sal's Pizza, which is authentic New York pizza. We shared a whole pizza between the 5 of us, and had two massive slices each. After that we went to Starbucks for frappucinos, and then headed down to Silo Park and chilled out listening to some live music and watching a bit of the busking festival. 

All in all, it was a really good day meeting everyone. It kind of felt like I'd known the girls for ages by the end of the day,which is quite crazy. They were all lovely girls and we plan on meeting up again sometime soon. Hopefully more people will come to the next one!

Photo's to come.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, 25 January 2013

It's Coffee Time!

Alright, I'm back for another Coffee Talk link up. You know the drill.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet this week. I'm quite tired and can't really be arsed typing a lot. 

Q1: Do you drink the milk after eating cereal or do you dump it out?
I will drink the milk 99.9% of the time. What's the point in putting milk in if you are just going to waste it. Milk ain't cheap yo. Plus, the milk after some chocolaty cereal like cocoa puffs is just as good as the actual cereal!

Q2: Do you share drinks/food?
Sometimes I will if I'm in a generous mood. This is referring to drinks mainly. But not out of my own glass - I don't want your germs. I hate sharing food. If I can avoid giving someone my food, I will. 

Sidenote: I hate that 'last biscuit' scenario. When you want the last biscuit but it's the rules that you have to offer it to the other person first. I hate that rule. And it's the worst when the other person DOES end up taking it. Breaks my heart.

Q3: How often do you replace your toothbrush?
I have an electric toothbrush, so you just have to replace the little heads. I replace them when the other one is looking a bit dead.

Q4: How often do you wash your hair?
I wash it every second day usually. If I wash it every day it goes all weird and dry.

Q5: Do you use a dishwasher or hand wash the dishes?
Mostly the dishwasher. Except my mum insists on handwashing pots and pans. It's so annoying. Pans I understand, but pots can totally go in the dishwasher if they're rinsed properly. 

That's it for this week's coffee talk! Go link up with Natalie to join in.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hurry up August

Hi Everyone!

Sadly, there's not much to update on the Disney front since booking my flights. I did forget to give my Air New Zealand Airpoints number to the travel agent when I booked though, so I've emailed her and she's added it to the booking. Phew! Was worried I wasn't going to get some sweet deals for a moment there.

I've also sent my letter from University stating that I have completed my degree and will be graduating in April. Disney emailed me back saying that they've added it to my file. Good to know. 

That's literally all that's happened so far. Argh! All this waiting is driving me nuts. I just want it to be August already!!

I'll do another couple of Disney Days to keep things interesting. 

Day #4: Your favourite heroine:

Probs Megara.

Cause she's badass. Enough said. 

Day #5: Your favourite hero:

I'm going with Simba from Hamlet with Lions The Lion King.

He has a bit of a crisis of faith - as you would if your father was murdered by your uncle and then you were blamed for it - but he comes back stronger and fights for his family and takes down the evil Scar. Yeeeah!

That's it for now. The NZ people going to Disney are having a meetup this weekend in Auckland, so I'll have an update for ya'll about that soon!

Monday, 21 January 2013

A Film Review

Last night was movie night with the family and we went to see Les Miserables. 

I have wanted to see this movie ever since I heard it was being made. But did it live up to my expectations?


Les Mis was pretty much amazing. Anne Hathaway (who I usually don't like in anything) was brilliant, and I had a little tear while she was singing 'I dreamed a dream'. Her portrayal of Fantine was just heartbreaking. Another actor who was really good was Eddie Redmayne who plays Marius. You could tell that he was one of the actors that was a trained singer, as well as Samantha Barks who played Eponine. Hugh Jackman was great as Jean Valjean, although there were a tiny number of singing bits that were a bit iffy.
Russell Crowe should never sing again.
Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen almost stole the show as the Innkeepers! 'Master of the House' is my favourite song from Les Mis, and they totally did it justice. They are the much needed comic relief of the whole thing and did it brilliantly.
Oh, and the two little kids that played young Cosette (the girl in the poster above) and the little boy at the baracades, Gavroche, were so adorable!

The cinematography was excellent, and the sets were so great. And I felt really proud of myself when I *spoiler alert * picked up on the foreshadowing of Javert's death.

I have seen the stage show as well, so I knew what was going to happen as the movie progressed, but seeing the movie is a completely different experience. I think something that the movie adds is the ability to see the emotion really close up. When you are in the audience of the stage show, it is sometimes hard to see the expressions on the actors faces, due to the fact that you are seated far away. 

Some negatives would be that the movie (just like the stage show) does drag on a bit. It is almost three hours long, and when all the dialogue is sung instead of spoken, it can get a bit tedious in parts. Definitely will not appeal to all cinema-goers.  Also, while the close ups were good in some parts, director Tom Hooper does really love the close-up shot. 

Overall I give Les Mis:

Friday, 18 January 2013

$1000 down, but way excited!

Hi Everyone!

There's been a pretty major development on the Disney front: The flights have officially been booked! Wahooo! I am now $1,173 poorer, but I'm so excited because it now means I am fo' reals going to Orlando in August. 

I leave on the 3rd of August (a Saturday) at 9.30pm!

Alright, time for another Disney Day! I've missed a few days of this so I'm going to combine two days.

#2 Your favourite princess:

My favourite princess is definitely Belle! 

What I like about her is that she is actually just a normal girl, who isn't entitled or anything, and treats everyone really nicely. And she sees the best in everyone too. Even beast, who is a total dick to her.
Plus, I have always wanted that yellow ball gown. 

#3 Your favourite Prince

I would have to go with Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog. 

He's a bit of a dick but he's hilarious (even if he is a frog for most of the movie). And he turns out to be a real nice guy in the end. And he and Tiana live happily ever after. Awwww!

So that's it for today folks! Hope you all have fabulous weekends!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

January Obsessions

I'm excited to be starting a new monthly traditon - It's called monthly faves. Every month, I will show you what I've been obsessing over. Sounds fun right?
Most importantly,  I found this idea through NAT, who found it through KAYLA. Make sure you check out their monthly faves too!
January Faves

January Faves by r-is-for-rachel on Polyvore

-Favourite Album: 'Halcyon' by Ellie Goulding. It's been on repeat on my iTunes and iPod for aaages. I love the tone of her voice, it's so unique. 
-Favourite TV Show: Happy Endings! It's by far one of the most underrated tv shows. It's actually hilarious and I laugh out loud during every episode. 
-Favourite Movie: The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Technically this came out last year but I've only just seen it now. Hands down one of the best movies I've ever seen. Cried like a baby too!
-Favourite Food: Can't get enough of Avocado on toast right now
-Favourite Book: I haven't read any books this month, so I'm going with my all-time fave. 'Losing Gemma' by Katy Gardner. Go read it now! The ending will shock you
-Favourite Clothing Item: My red skirt from Band of Gypsies - bought via It's so comfy!

So there you have it, my January obsessions! What are you currently obsessing over?

Friday, 11 January 2013

Coffee Talk Week 17!

I missed last week (I know! How dare I!) No worries though, I'm back!

As per usual, link up with Natalie to answer the questions and take part in all the fun!

1. Would you rather have a pen pal or an email pal?
I feel like having a legit pen pal would feel way more cool. Getting a letter via snail mail is way more exciting and personable. 

2. What are you wearing at this exact moment?
A floral playsuit. I might change soon though into something a bit more comfortable.

3. When you are sick how do you handle it?
I just don't really handle it at all. I just mope around and feel sorry for myself.

Cold cold.png

4. I am [fill in the blank]
Being a lazy ass on the couch watching E! Channel. The program isn't even interesting, but I just can't be bothered reaching for the remote.

5. What movie are you excited to see this year?
There are 3. the first is City of Bones. Even though I'll probably be disappointed. The second is Iron Man 3. And the third is Thor: The Dark World. Yup, major nerd. 

That's it for this week! See ya!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A New Year, A New Look!

Hello Again Everyone!

You've most likely noticed by now that my blog has had a bit of a makeover. I have officially changed the design, as from now on I will be documenting the process of getting ready to go to Florida in August. After that, this blog will be my main way of informing everyone about my adventure!

So be prepared for lots of Disney updates :)

It's now officially 6 months until I go, and there's lots to sort out.

As not much is happening on the disney front right now, I thought I'd start the Disney Challenge. It's 30 days of all things Disney!

Let's Go!

Day #1: Your Favourite Character

This is such a hard one to start off with! Every time a new movie comes out, or every time I re-watch a movie, I change my mind. But I have to pick one, so I guess my favourite would be Dumbo. I'll always love Dumbo!
He's just so adorable!

For anyone else who wants to do the Disney Challenge, here's the whole 30 days worth. Have fun!

Day #1: Your favorite character
Day #2: Your favorite princess
Day #3: Your favorite heroine
Day #4: Your favorite prince
Day #5: Your favorite hero
Day #6: Your favorite animal
Day #7: Your favorite sidekick
Day #8: Your favorite villain
Day #9: Your favorite couple
Day #10: Your favorite original character (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc.)
Day #11: Your favorite song
Day #12: Your favorite love song
Day #13: Your favorite villain song
Day #14: Your least favorite song
Day #15: Your favorite kiss
Day #16: The first movie you saw
Day #17: Your favorite classic
Day #18: Your least favorite classic
Day #19: Your favorite Pixar film
Day #20: Your least favorite Pixar film
Day #21: Favorite sequel
Day #22: An overrated movie
Day #23: An underrated movie
Day #24: A movie that makes you laugh
Day #25: A movie that makes you cry
Day #26: Your favorite scene from your favorite movie
Day #27: Saddest death
Day #28: Your favorite quote
Day #29: Your favorite castle
Day #30: Your favorite Magical Object

Monday, 7 January 2013

Disney Roommate Survey!

I was just notified of this survey via one of the girls doing the Disney ICP with me (Cheers Chloe!). This mainly is aimed at the fellow Disney people who might end up living with me,  but for all of you lovely readers - you can learn some more stuff about me.

Alright, let's do this.

BIRTHDATE/AGE: 29th of April (I'll be 21, turning 22 on the program)

HOMETOWN: Tauranga, New Zealand.

MAJOR/MINOR: Psychology with a minor in Sociology

CURRENT JOB: Tally Clerk at Satara Co-Operative (It's a postharvest Kiwifruit/Avo place for all those that don't know)


TOP ROLES: I really wanted Hotel Front Desk, but I ended up with Quick Service Food & Beverage/Merchandise. Totally okay with that.


HOUSING PREFERENCES (BUILDING): Chatham. But whatever one I end up in, obviously I'm not going to complain. 


I COULD NOT LIVE WITH A ROOMATE THAT: Snores. Or someone who doesn't do their chores.


DO YOU DRINK: Yes, but only if there's an actual reason to be drinking, like a birthday or a holiday etc.


DO YOU LIKE TO PARTY: I like a good party every once in a while. But not like every day. 


DO YOU LIKE TO COOK: I love to cook most of the time. 

ARE YOU MESSY OR TIDY? Can I be in between? I'm neither tidy nor horrendously messy.



FAVORITE CHORE: Vacuuming. Don't mind dishes either. 

LEAST FAVORITE CHORE: Toilets. I'll do them, but I won't enjoy it haha

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT SHARING: I'm down with sharing. 

DO YOU SNORE: Not that I'm aware of

WHAT TIME DO YOU USUALLY GO TO BED: Anytime between 10 and 12


I PREFER TO SLEEP IN A ROOM THAT IS: Completely dark and silent.


THREE WORDS THAT DESRIBE ME: Friendly, Generous, Funny

ONE GOOD QUALITY: I like to think I'm pretty dependable and helpful. Like if you're in trouble I'll try my best to help you out. 

ONE BAD QUALITY: I have a bit of a short fuse when I'm stressed out. 

FAVORITE MUSIC: I'll try keep this brief. Some faves are: Florence & The Machine, The Civil Wars, The Script, Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Little Mix, Ed Sheeran, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals. (I could actually go on forever, but I'll leave it at these ones). 

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Supernatural, Parks and Recreation, Happy Endings, How I Met Your Mother, Game of Thrones

FAVORITE MOVIES: Anchorman, Mean Girls, Any Marvel Movie. Also the Harry Potter series and LOTR series.

FAVORITE AUTHORS: Jodi Picoult, Suzanne Collins, Tony Parsons, Cassandra Clare

HOBBIES: Watching Movies (especially Disney ones of course!), Listening to music, going swimming, random activities with friends. 


FAVORITE DISNIY MOVIE: DUMBO! But after that comes Princess & The Frog and Aristocats.

FAVORITE CHARACTER: I love the animal characters. Lewis in P&TF, Scatcat and his gang, Timothy Mouse, Dug from Up.  But the last Disney movie I saw was Brave and Merida was pretty awesome. 


FAVORITE VILLIAN: I have 3! Cruella de Vil, Hades and Captain Hook. I can't decide between them!

FAVORITE PARK: I've never been to DisneyWorld so I don't know.

FAVORITE RIDE: See above reason. 


WHAT ARE YOU MOST EXCITED ABOUT AT DISNEY? Going to DisneyWorld! Meeting and making new friends!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bloggy Book Club!

This is my first time participating in Bloggy Book Club! This month's book is the first in a series that I really love....

Anyone who likes fantasy books/supernatural themed books will most likely love this series. Personally, I really enjoy books that have a fantasy element, so this book is right up my alley. 

I was first introduced to this book by my friend who owned all 3 of them at the time (there's now 5 in the series). I still am yet to read the 5th book - City of Lost Souls. 

I think the easiest way for me to review this book is to write a pros and cons list. Although there won't be that many cons....

1. Well developed characters. You can tell that the author has really thought about who each character is going to be, and has taken time to properly develop a back story for each character. They are all equally developed as well. Sometimes in books there are some really developed characters, and others that kind of fade into the background a little.
2. An interesting storyline. The story pulls you in and you find yourself not wanting to put the book down.
3. A variety of supernatural creatures to keep things interesting.

1. The love/hate relationship that forms with the lead male character Jace. He's a bad boy, but lovable as well. Sometimes I feel like the author just doesn't want him to be happy, and just when you think something good will happen for him, the opposite happens (this applies more to the later books though).
2. The incestuous storyline. It just makes things confusing.

If you were thinking that this book sounds too much like Twilight - think again! It is one trillion times better, and actually nothing alike really. The lead female is SO much better than Bella in Twilight. She isn't all mopey and depressed, and she doesn't act like a victim which is nice. Oh, and Jace Wayland would kick Edward Cullen's ass.

I'm excited for the movie to come out, but I'm a little worried, as movie versions always fall a bit flat in my opinion. And I am really not impressed with the casting of Jamie Campbell-Bower as Jace. He's just not sexy enough. 

Final Grade : A

Recommendation: Also read the prequel series 'The Infernal Devices'. It's the same kind of deal, but set in Victorian (?) England. It's all steampunky and awesome. And the characters connect up with the Mortal Instruments Characters, which is an added bonus. 

Link up here to participate:

Saturday, 5 January 2013

It's all getting real now!

Alright, so by now it's obvious, due to the amount of times I've mentioned it,  that I'm going on a trip to the USA in August to be a part of the Disney International Program!

Right now, I'm in the midst of starting to plan everything. I've been to see a travel agent and looked into some flight options - and I think I've found one that looks perfect! I also go back to work on Monday, and can once again start collecting those dollars! I'll definitely need them!

Every time I think about going off to Florida, it doesn't seem real. Up until last night. One of my good friends Abbie officially left our little ol' town this morning and is flying out to Orlando tomorrow at midday!! We had a leaving party for her last night, complete with paper lanterns that we released into the sky, and a crazy game of Cranium. It was so much fun, but so sad to be seeing Abbie off for a whole year!
(you can follow Abbie's blog about her Disney adventure here). 

Now that Abbie has officially left, it all feels so real. It's officially 6 months today that I will be flying off to America to start my adventure! It seems like such a long time, but I'm thinking that the time will fly by. Especially with SO MUCH to organise. 

Good luck Abbie! I know you will do amazing and I can't wait to see you over in America in August! 

Off to a 21st tonight, so I've got to start getting ready. 

Love as always,
Rach x0x0