Friday, 11 January 2013

Coffee Talk Week 17!

I missed last week (I know! How dare I!) No worries though, I'm back!

As per usual, link up with Natalie to answer the questions and take part in all the fun!

1. Would you rather have a pen pal or an email pal?
I feel like having a legit pen pal would feel way more cool. Getting a letter via snail mail is way more exciting and personable. 

2. What are you wearing at this exact moment?
A floral playsuit. I might change soon though into something a bit more comfortable.

3. When you are sick how do you handle it?
I just don't really handle it at all. I just mope around and feel sorry for myself.

Cold cold.png

4. I am [fill in the blank]
Being a lazy ass on the couch watching E! Channel. The program isn't even interesting, but I just can't be bothered reaching for the remote.

5. What movie are you excited to see this year?
There are 3. the first is City of Bones. Even though I'll probably be disappointed. The second is Iron Man 3. And the third is Thor: The Dark World. Yup, major nerd. 

That's it for this week! See ya!

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