Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hurry up August

Hi Everyone!

Sadly, there's not much to update on the Disney front since booking my flights. I did forget to give my Air New Zealand Airpoints number to the travel agent when I booked though, so I've emailed her and she's added it to the booking. Phew! Was worried I wasn't going to get some sweet deals for a moment there.

I've also sent my letter from University stating that I have completed my degree and will be graduating in April. Disney emailed me back saying that they've added it to my file. Good to know. 

That's literally all that's happened so far. Argh! All this waiting is driving me nuts. I just want it to be August already!!

I'll do another couple of Disney Days to keep things interesting. 

Day #4: Your favourite heroine:

Probs Megara.

Cause she's badass. Enough said. 

Day #5: Your favourite hero:

I'm going with Simba from Hamlet with Lions The Lion King.

He has a bit of a crisis of faith - as you would if your father was murdered by your uncle and then you were blamed for it - but he comes back stronger and fights for his family and takes down the evil Scar. Yeeeah!

That's it for now. The NZ people going to Disney are having a meetup this weekend in Auckland, so I'll have an update for ya'll about that soon!

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